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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How can we NOT help you?

So as a health care worker for over 2 years now I have seen a growing and disturbingly frustrating trend... why are more and more people coming to the hospital telling us of their health issues then refusing to let us treat them? How can we know what meds to give you, to help you get better, if we can't do any test to find out what's wrong because you refuse them all? What the hell did you come to the hospital for then? You just wanted to spend $1500 to complain to someone? For all of that call up a family friend, it is a whole hell of a lot cheaper. Even better are the family members that bring someone in and then constantly complain you aren't doing enough yet don't want you to do anything at all. You want him to be comfortable, you want his swelling to go down, or you want to know why he is in multi-system failure. Yet we can't do a biopsy, you don't like the way it sounds. We can't do blood test because you don't want us drawing blood, he had his blood drawn once already so we should be able to run EVERY SINGLE TEST from that ONE vial! Let's talk him out of the MRI, the machine is too loud. So exactly what would you, the annoying overbearing family, like for us to do? Want us to guess what's wrong? Better yet how about lets have the doctor stare at him really hard and see if they can see his internal structures. Ooh ooh how about lets write a random prescription and hope it works? If you want us to help, then step back and let us do just that... thank you.

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