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Monday, April 27, 2009

Wondertwin dilemma...

Since I have been working at the hospital I have been best friends with my "Wondertwin", and yes we are actually referred to as the Wondertwins we even have an arch nemisis. We started working there at the same time, we both run with PGEC, we are both perpetual children, he can say a line from Spongebob and I know what line comes next, we have a breakfast and lunch routine for God's sake! Since we met we have been two peas in a pod. If you see one of us at the hospital, the other is not far behind. It's gotten to the point that we are starting to look alike (both light skinned, wear glasses, etc..) He is like the male version of me. So what is my dilemma you ask? According to everyone else in the hospital we are either A) dating, B) married, or C) actual twins that are "unnaturally" close. At first we tried explaining that we are just the best of friends but that seemed to only fuel people's suspicions. Now whenever we are asked if we are A,B, or C, we answer "ok" (you should see the puzzled looks we get with that answer!) What irks me is that most of the time we aren't asked, people go and ask our other coworkers about us. Is it wrong to go along with people's assumptions since answering honestly got me nowhere? Personally I think it's fun but is it "bad"?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taking a break

I have come to the decision that I need to take break from relationships. I keep meeting the scum at the bottom of the barrel and I need to figure out why. There is something I am doing to attract these weirdos and I seriously have to stop it. Maybe it is Karma doing her job. Normally women walk around complaining about how "men are this" and "men are that" and they, the woman, has done nothing wrong . Well I am not that woman. I know that I have done things to hurt others and Karma is a bitch. I think Karma is making her go-rounds with me and that's why I keep meeting these people. Karma would like for me to know what it feels like to be hurt, because I know I have been a cold-hearted bitch that didn't give a damn about anyone's feelings but my own. I am taking these recent relationship fuck-ups as a lesson learned. I could be bitter and blame everyone else for what I have been through but honestly, some of this is MY fault. So Karma if you are out there listening, I get it now. If I want to be treated the right way I have to treat others the same way as well. I am going to take the time off to get things together and then I am jumping back into the game head first. So here goes the beginning of the end of my old life...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is this even Dragonball?

I went to see Dragonball Evolution, yeah my mistake but I thought I should since I am an avid DB and DBZ fan. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DRAGONBALL ANYTHING! The only thing that links this movie to the franchise is the name of the characters and that is about it. I got over how the characters looked, it's live action and it would be hella hard to get Goku's hair to look believable so that didn't bother me. The story, on teh other hand I can''t get over. Maybe I am being too harsh but the story had nothing to do with ANY story line from the show I have ever seen. I know, I know it's not supposed to be exactly like the anime but DAMN couldn't they have atleast tried to follw some part of the show. Maybe this is supposed to be the awkward teenage years of Goku, you know after Dragonball but before Dragonball Z? It took things out of the story and changed them completely. Example, you ask? Here's one: as we know Goku is a Saiyan and as a child (in the DB series not DBZ) his tail had to be cut off, if not when he looked at the full moon he turned into a giant ape-like creature. Not so says 20th Century Fox. Instead it won't happen till after his 18th birthday, no tail needed and only when he looked at the "bloodmoon", AKA solar eclipse. Yeah that threw me for a bit of a loop as well. Who looked at this story and said "hey this will make a great movie!"? They should be dragged down the streets and flogged! Oh well it is what it is but I will tell you what it ain't... IT AIN'T DRAGONBALL!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Myspace is no longer my space

I have had a lot of people ask me why have a facebook page when I have a myspace, here's why:
1:no horney boys hitting my page leaving disgusting comments
2:no random spam messages
3:I have yet to see a profile pic of someone with their butt sticking out trying to be cute but failing miserably
4:I have yet to see any photos of guys taking the "shirtless pic" in front of the mirror (why, oh why do people do that?)
5:all my college friends are on facebook
6:I don't get friend requests from somebody who's going to be the "next big rap star"
7:my myspace page has been hacked twice (and horrble things were sent to friends by "me"), my facebook has never been touched
8:it's really easy to upload photos to facebook and all my friends are immediately notified
9:I can connect my blog to facebook without having to copy and paste, it's automatic!!!!
10:I can IM online friends without having to download some seperate program (because doing work at work is sooo overrated)

Myspace has become too raunchy for me. Some of the stuff on some people's profiles is just outrageous and lewd. Too many kids trying to be grown ups and too many grown ups trying to be kids. Maybe it is just me that feels this way... but if I get one more "girl I wanna do so and so to you" comment I am deleting that damn page!!!

The IR idiots

Question: How many people do you have to kill before someone takes a step back and thinks "hmmm, maybe our policies need work"? Our Interventional Radiology department has to be full of the dumbest smart people you will ever meet. There are too many people in the department in the first place. There are only four fucking rooms why do you need over 20 doctors, nurses, and techs all at the same time!!! In the last month there have been at least two unneeded fatalities due to stupidity amd yet people think transpoters are the stupid people! What kills me is this is just brushed over and they move on to the next patient, WTF!!!!!!! Is it really no longer about patient care? Are we, as a hospital, really all about the money? As a transporter I see the good, the bad, and the down right ugly. I may not have the degree that they have but I have the compasion they don't have. Most of my coworkers are the same way, WE CARE ABOUT OUR PATIENTS but sadly we cannot be there as a patient advocate once the procedure area gets the patient. We point out things that need to be improved but because we don't have some unnecessary degree abd 30 letters behind our names our voice is not heard. Maybe one day we will get back to what working in a hospital is really about, taking care of those in need.

Welcome to where the wild things are...

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