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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Americanized Anime

Why is it that whenever an anime is translated and formatted for American tv they try to change things? I love anime but I don't like it in English. They change the dialogue to sound uber cheesy or they water it down considerably. Take Sailor Moon, there are about 5 seasons or 200 or so episodes. Only 2 seasons were shown on general tv because we couldn't figure out how to continue making people believe Uranus and Neptune were "cousins" when in fact they were lesbians! Bleach dialogue in it's original Japanese is more intense than its English counterpart. Dragonball, well lets not even go there because all DBZ fans were hurt to the core when we saw that. What I would love to see is a series translated word for word from Japanese to English and put on main stream television. Wonder how long before the first complaint rolls in?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Self Paced

So I am in an accelerated nursing program which doesn't have semesters , we have 5 week mods. We have to learn a whole lot very fast but we knew this when we started the program. Somehow, after the second mod people are just realizing "oh this is a lot of work". They want the information literally handed to them. My professor is awesome. She goes through the chapter and points out what we really need to focus on, she gives us study guides, she is willing to stay after to give extra help, she even list the clinical terms for the chapter that we need to know. My GOD what else could you ask the woman to do??? Well apparently our quizzes need to be made a certain way, our study guides need to pratically tell us word for word what to study, oh and if she could give bonus points on our test for no reason that would be appreciated. WTF?!? We are in fucking college and we are in an adult ACCELERATED program!!! NOTHING is going to be handed to you so put your hands back into you pockets and get over it. What do they think working in the clinical setting is going to be like, " Oh I don't feel like looking at the dosage for this medication, can you do it for me?" Uh no, get off your ass and do it yourself! She can give us the means to do well but our professor cannot teach us how to study, that is a skill we should have by now! What makes it worse is the fact that the "complainers" like to speak as if the whole class feels the same way they do. All the bithcing is just going to make her stop giving us any of the "extras" she has given us. Why is plenty never enough?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tattooed and Ladylike

What exactly makes a woman "ladylike"? Random question but I just saw an article about worst women tattoos and read some of the comments that were left ( Somehow these men that responded to the article decided that a woman having tattoos makes them "skank-whores" and less than women. It blew my mind that my body art was also a comment on my moral sensibilities. I wasn't aware that having my mother's name made me a tramp? Who knew the angel made me a heathen? The "RIP MOM" just adds the frosting to the slut-cake huh? Other commentors decided that a tattooed woman will never find a job or a mate. Yet, I have a job I enjoy and I am single because I choose to be. This is not the response I have gotten from the men around me, in fact most guys I have met liked my ink. So this leaves me to wonder, are these just isolated idiots or is the dislike of female tattoos more common than I ever realized?

Saturday, June 6, 2009


For those that don't know I have been "natural" since Feb 08 and I love it. I have had my ups and downs and almost went back to relaxers but no one said it would be easy. My hair is so much healthier and thicker and that's what I wanted. So may I ask the common masses this question? Why in the HELL do you feel the need to ask me when am I going to get a relaxer again? My other favorite question is "if you're not going to lock then what are you going to do with it?" Sweetie, if I wanted a relaxer I would have one don't you think? Have you ever considered that I just might let it continue to grow in all its thick glory? Why do I have to do "something" to my hair? What just kills me are the nasty looks from females whom have burnt off their entire hairline but you have the nerve to give me the stank look! Yeah keep looking, maybe you can learn how to go back to having a forhead instead of that big ass fivehead your receding hairline gives you. I am not one of those militant naturals that feel like everyone should be natural and those who aren't are wrong and let's go back to the motherland, and blah blah blah. In fact i could care less what you do with your hair, IT'S YOURS. I don't go around asking you when are you going natural so don't ask me about getting a relaxer. I just think it's rude because basically you're implying I need one. I cannot make you happy and I'm not going to try so let's leave it alone shall we?

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