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Monday, December 27, 2010

Misery loves Facebook

Why, oh why does every status have to be about someone doing you wrong. These people are fake. This person is all in your business. Your man/woman is doing you wrong. This person has broken up with you and you just cannot understand why. Have you ever stopped to think maybe it's you? If you whine all day like you whine on Facebook I wouldn't want to be around you either. You put a play by play of all your business on your page and then complain about people being all in your business. I particularly love the lyrics from whatever "you did me wrong you will get yours one day" song of the day that you post. AND OF COURSE THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT LOVE TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS TO MAKE SURE YOUR STATUS IS SEEN. Why hasn't someone slapped the annoying-ness out of you yet? Has no one just grabbed you by your neck and shook the sh*t out of you? Have you ever heard the saying " the definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results"? If that is so then you are as insane as they come.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't ask, don't tell, don't be so freaking stupid.

The "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy was finally repealed. Yet Virginia's very own Delegate Bob Marshall, in an effort to be as backwards and ignorant as possible, wants to ban gays from the National Guard. Um, what? Didn't the rest of the government just say screw that, if you want to fight be our guest? Please explain to me why you, Mr. Marshall, still can't accept it? What, does a gay not deserve to fight for his country because he is gay? That alone should totally make him ineligible? Well since you don't like gays would you like to removed colored folks too? Maybe we can re-segregate the military. Why stop there?! Let's hit the school system too! Gays in their own school, gays in their own hospitals, gays drink from different water fountains, gays use separate doors... Oh, you aren't singling them out? It's because it can undermine the military? Really? Can someone explain how being gay makes someone less of a soldier? Is a soldier going to stop in the middle of a war and say "I know we are being shot at right now but can he not be a part of my platoon, he's gay"? Do they not fight the same fight? Do they not go through the same training? Do they not feel the same loss of losing a comrade? Oh, they do? Then what exactly is the problem?

Monday, December 13, 2010


I find it funny, no in fact hilarious, how people thrive off misery whether real or imaginary. Especially when it comes to relationships. The moment you look like you are upset or the moment you have an argument everybody wants to give you the "I told you it wouldn't work" look. Not every disagreement is THE ONE that is going to end the relationship. Not every fight is reassurance that you were right when you said it wouldn't work. Why do people enjoy unhappiness so much? Why do people seem to relish any moment that seems like you are having a hard time. They want to know "what's wrong?" or "what happened?". They don't care really, they just want to know your business and enjoy the fact that you are unhappy. They just need something to talk about when they get around their other miserable friends. Do you not have your own life to live? Don't you have your own business to attend to? Do you not have your own relationship to build? I guess not or else you wouldn't be in other people's lives would you?

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