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Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't ask, don't tell, don't be so freaking stupid.

The "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy was finally repealed. Yet Virginia's very own Delegate Bob Marshall, in an effort to be as backwards and ignorant as possible, wants to ban gays from the National Guard. Um, what? Didn't the rest of the government just say screw that, if you want to fight be our guest? Please explain to me why you, Mr. Marshall, still can't accept it? What, does a gay not deserve to fight for his country because he is gay? That alone should totally make him ineligible? Well since you don't like gays would you like to removed colored folks too? Maybe we can re-segregate the military. Why stop there?! Let's hit the school system too! Gays in their own school, gays in their own hospitals, gays drink from different water fountains, gays use separate doors... Oh, you aren't singling them out? It's because it can undermine the military? Really? Can someone explain how being gay makes someone less of a soldier? Is a soldier going to stop in the middle of a war and say "I know we are being shot at right now but can he not be a part of my platoon, he's gay"? Do they not fight the same fight? Do they not go through the same training? Do they not feel the same loss of losing a comrade? Oh, they do? Then what exactly is the problem?

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