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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thoughts of the moment

It’s like 2 in the morning. My roommate is on the other couch with his laptop. I have a paper due by midnight tonight. What am I doing? I am listening to Speakerboxx by Outkast while eating Granny Smith apples. Who is Granny Smith anyway and why are her apples so damn delicious? Why am I asking you like you know? It’s moments like this that I realize I am truly blessed to have made it as far as I have in school because I have the attention span of a two year old. Not only that, I am distracted by shiny objects. Furry ones too. Oh, and anything that moves. And chocolate. Why don’t I have a dragon yet? Science has cloned sheep and cats but I don’t have my dragon and I am pissed. Wait, what was I thinking about again? Oh right the paper. Oh hey Elliott bought home a copy of the newspaper, maybe I should read it! No, no not that paper, the nursing school paper. Yeah, that one. Nevermind I’m going to bed…

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