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Monday, April 27, 2009

Wondertwin dilemma...

Since I have been working at the hospital I have been best friends with my "Wondertwin", and yes we are actually referred to as the Wondertwins we even have an arch nemisis. We started working there at the same time, we both run with PGEC, we are both perpetual children, he can say a line from Spongebob and I know what line comes next, we have a breakfast and lunch routine for God's sake! Since we met we have been two peas in a pod. If you see one of us at the hospital, the other is not far behind. It's gotten to the point that we are starting to look alike (both light skinned, wear glasses, etc..) He is like the male version of me. So what is my dilemma you ask? According to everyone else in the hospital we are either A) dating, B) married, or C) actual twins that are "unnaturally" close. At first we tried explaining that we are just the best of friends but that seemed to only fuel people's suspicions. Now whenever we are asked if we are A,B, or C, we answer "ok" (you should see the puzzled looks we get with that answer!) What irks me is that most of the time we aren't asked, people go and ask our other coworkers about us. Is it wrong to go along with people's assumptions since answering honestly got me nowhere? Personally I think it's fun but is it "bad"?

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