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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The IR idiots

Question: How many people do you have to kill before someone takes a step back and thinks "hmmm, maybe our policies need work"? Our Interventional Radiology department has to be full of the dumbest smart people you will ever meet. There are too many people in the department in the first place. There are only four fucking rooms why do you need over 20 doctors, nurses, and techs all at the same time!!! In the last month there have been at least two unneeded fatalities due to stupidity amd yet people think transpoters are the stupid people! What kills me is this is just brushed over and they move on to the next patient, WTF!!!!!!! Is it really no longer about patient care? Are we, as a hospital, really all about the money? As a transporter I see the good, the bad, and the down right ugly. I may not have the degree that they have but I have the compasion they don't have. Most of my coworkers are the same way, WE CARE ABOUT OUR PATIENTS but sadly we cannot be there as a patient advocate once the procedure area gets the patient. We point out things that need to be improved but because we don't have some unnecessary degree abd 30 letters behind our names our voice is not heard. Maybe one day we will get back to what working in a hospital is really about, taking care of those in need.

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