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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What does family actually mean? Just because someone shares the same blood line as you does that make them family? If someone would have asked me this a while ago I would say yes, now I know better. My sister has made it abundantly clear that blood is NOT thicker than water. She has done some things that I am having to pay for and she doesn't sem to care how hard she has made things for me. I actually have to file and press charges against her for things she has done. At first I felt guilty for taking the steps to get my life back from her but she doesn't feel guilty for stealing my life from me so to hell with it. I am tired or being used by my own damn family. I am walking away from some members of my so called "family". I have myself to worry about and I can't keep fixing other people's problems. IT IS MY TURN NOW!!


  1. !!?! Wow you were serious bout that?? What really happened??

  2. She stole my identity and is using it in Norfolk


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