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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tattooed and Ladylike

What exactly makes a woman "ladylike"? Random question but I just saw an article about worst women tattoos and read some of the comments that were left ( Somehow these men that responded to the article decided that a woman having tattoos makes them "skank-whores" and less than women. It blew my mind that my body art was also a comment on my moral sensibilities. I wasn't aware that having my mother's name made me a tramp? Who knew the angel made me a heathen? The "RIP MOM" just adds the frosting to the slut-cake huh? Other commentors decided that a tattooed woman will never find a job or a mate. Yet, I have a job I enjoy and I am single because I choose to be. This is not the response I have gotten from the men around me, in fact most guys I have met liked my ink. So this leaves me to wonder, are these just isolated idiots or is the dislike of female tattoos more common than I ever realized?

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