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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He may not be a douchebag but he plays one on tv...

This has been a glorious year for Douchebags. Mark Sanford is grade A, 100% natural, USDA inspected, and FDA approved moron. I am going to disappear and go see my fling in another country, come back like nothing is wrong, profess my love for her on national TV, and expect my wife to stay by my side. There is Jon Gosselin who to me looks like he has down syndrome and is a paparazzi whore. Then there is Kate Gosselin making her talk show rounds. And why? Because people with "no life" want to hear about "their lives". On to Rep Joe Wilson (my South Carolina is looking good aren't we?) with his outburst during a PRESIDENTIAL speech. Bet he wouldn't have done that if Bush were talking now would he? And we voted him in? For our latest induction into the Douchebag Hall of Fame, drum roll pleeeeease... Kanye West! How egocentric do you have to be to steal someone elses moment of happiness to tell them they don't deserve it, someone else entirely deserves it? Then he goes on late night tv to say, "oops my bad, probably not the best thing for my image huh?" Ugh, where do we find theses people and why do we give them a chance to be in the spotlight?

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  1. HAHAHA LOL so true.

    off topic...have u been watching Bleach?


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