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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let it go McDonald's, let it go...

So despite my better judgement I had one of those new Angus burgers from McDonald's, yeah I know stupid but I was curious. OH MY GOD is was disgusting! The meat was way too salty, it was slathered in so much mayo that is ran off the burger, the red onions must have been like two days old, I think they just grabbed a side salad and threw that lettuce on there. It was like they tried to copy Hardee's thickburgers and failed miserably! My stomach is doing backflips trying to get rid of this monstrousity! Everytime I burp I get a spoiled onion taste in my mouth. I forced myself to eat half the burger because i paid $6.00 for the damn meal. My advice to McDonalds is for them to stick to what they do best and leave the real beef burgers to someone, anyone, else.

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