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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is stupidy an epidemic?

I work at a REALLY big inner city hospital. I can understand why people get lost, the design is confusing. My problem? Let me describe my most recent conversation at the elevator area: visitor- "I am on the second floor of main hospital, how do I get to the first floor?" me-"Just get on the elevator and go down one and you will be right there." visitor-"how will I know it is the first floor?" me-"ma'am it is only one floor below us, in fact you can take the stairs if you like" visitor irrate now-" how am I supposed to know to go down one floor, there are no signs!" me-"well ma'am I guess we assumed that most people would be able to figure out how to get from the second to the first floor without a sign." I had to walk away because stupidy might be contagious. Maybe I am paranoid but I am not taking any chances!

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