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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Motion sickness

I just recently volunteered at a rescure squad. Great right? Not really... I am in training so I sit on the back of the ambulance (normally where the patient is) and I just found out I get motion sickness! My stomach and I were fighting with each other something horrible! I nearly threw up like three times on the way to a call. What puzzles me dearly is that I can eat and ride a roller coaster directly afterwards and feel nothing, NOTHING! I eat and drive with no problem. Yet you put me on the back of an ambulance and I am two seconds from becoming the patient! I wonder if I am nervous and that nervous energy is making me sick? Hmmm... time for a bit of self-diagnoses.


  1. I'm sure there's something uninviting about being in the back of an ambulance that can cause that.

  2. ahg, my brother does emt work, i'm thinking it might be a short-term thing that a lot of people go through before they get comfortable. :)

  3. yeah more than Motion sickness It's gotta be your nerves, cuz you know you an me run Bush Gardens and you never got sick...speaking of which, we need to hit BG up again huh?? bout that time...


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