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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Street Fighter?

Just got back from seeing Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li. Not sure how I really feel about it. The fighting effects were really good and Kristen Kreuk did a good job as Chun Li in my opinion. I just feel like alot of the other characters were overacting. The character of Mya was basically a slut with a bagde that was to be the hottie Bangkok cop (I don't think she is an actual game character). Nash was the hard edged interpol detective that was too hard edged. I don't really understand why Nash and Mya got so much movie time in a movie about Chun Li but whatever. Balrog was a bit, well, stereotypical. I would have liked to see alot more Vega, he got his butt kicked WAAAY too easily. Something about Gen's voice bothered me but I am not sure what it was. Bison had like some SERIOUS blond hair and blue eyes. True to the game though he was one tough and bad ass fighter. And for those of you hoping to see Ken and Ryu, your hopes have now been crushed, I am guessing they are saving them for the next movie. Overall I enjoyed myself but I just feel like it could have been executed a bit better. Ok, I am done playing movie critic :-)

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